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Parent. Veteran. Dedicated Civic Servant.

As a parent, veteran, and spouse of a teacher, I bring vast experience and a unique skill set to contribute to our school board. I recently retired from my career as a federal criminal investigator, and I’m ready to serve GCISD with the same commitment that I served our great country…

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Help Us Take Back Our School Board

To bring integrity and excellence back to GCISD, we need to inform every voter about the importance of this election and get them to the polls. We can't do this without your help!  There are lots of ways...



Prioritizing Students Above Divisive Political Noise

I want our kids to receive an education that’s excellent, not basic. That’s why I’m committed to safeguarding academic programs...

All Hands In


Funded by Individuals, Not PACs

To inform the community about the importance of this election, we need to reach every voter.  Every dollar goes a long way in helping us print and distribute campaign materials.

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Early Voting: April 24 – May 2
Election Day:  May 6

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