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Funded by Individuals, Not PACs with Agendas 

My loyalty is to the students, staff, and community of GCISD.  I'm committed to doing what is best for them, not what's best for some PAC with a hidden agenda.  That's why I refuse to accept PAC funding.  


Don't get me wrong.  I know that going up against the PACs will be hard.  After all, we've seen what they did to secure a school board majority last year.  This year, they'll likely spend tens of thousands of dollars on mailers and advertisements, flooding our community with lies that diminish our students and teachers.


But hard doesn't mean impossible.  There is a way to bring integrity and excellence back to GCISD. If every person who voted for me in last year's election donates just $10, we can outraise the PACs and put truth in everyone's mailbox! 


Now is the time for reasonable people to stand together against those who would divide us.  Please help us take back our school board by donating today. 

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